I wait in the confines of Labeca, my prison, in the searing darkness that is near the centre of the earth. My patience must be stretched until the time of man has ended, that I may join the formerly mighty cherub, Luciferus, in the hell that has been prepared for him after the effrontery of his rebellion. My brashness and consequent transgression is ever before me. I do not allow myself to wallow in my sin, for there is naught purpose in it. But my eternal mind cannot but recall moments past and force my attention to them, for there is little else to do in this dreadful isolation. Perhaps this is a part of the judgment, for each forced recall elicits agony of rebellion. My mind wanders over antiquity.

…I recall that moment when the Elders gave me the task of overseeing holy Enoch for a time because the evil that Man had accomplished could soon threaten his survival. It is a moment I now curse, in retrospect.

…the moment when I had first seen her as she reveled in the waters of the Euphrates, as near perfection as fallen man could be, and decided to desire her. I watched her, enamored by the sleekness of her form and the graceful manner of her movement until she was done.

…that night, years later, when I prematurely ended my watch over father Enoch while he slumbered, and sought her out.

…how, in the heat of lust I enslaved myself to, I slew an evil man and took on his flesh; and at that moment stepped into reality before I approached the household and drew them all into slumber, save my goal. When I saw her, my spirit reached to hers and an understanding was reached. She sensed unearthly perfection before her, and her longing for it sealed my fate.

…the end when my essence was bound with her flesh and the deed was done.

…the moment my desire was washed away after the deed and I fled from her presence to resume my watch over Enoch. It was the last time. With her.

The promise of pleasure was the bait that drew me into the trap of lying with flesh and blood.

…I remember when I first heard his shrill cries from furlongs away and realized that he was mine, product of my flesh and spirit.

…I, the Ancestor of the Nephilim. The others came quickly and matured in like pace. Big and mighty they were and helpless before them I was. They imposed their will over all, and became a festering sore on the face on the earth. My sin I could not cleanse, for they resisted my onslaught. Wearied, I gave up, for they had inherited their invincibility from their father. True sons they were.  Then did I realize the effrontery of my sin, to proceed to do that which even Yahweh had not.

…I remember when Mosadiel, the Cherub, came into my presence with the decree of my banishment and the judgment of my evil progeny. I could not blame another for my transgression, for I was an angel, and my will is sovereign. My sin I must stand by.

…then, when I roamed the hidden places of the earth after the crossing over of Enoch. Luciferus and his clan came to me and pitched outright rebellion to me, but I resisted him, for I could never be as brazen as the Throne.

…I remember in the time of Noah when the judgment of Yahweh came to pass, and I watched helplessly as heaven sanctioned the Great Flood, the only way to wipe out the Nephilim that trod the earth under their feet and slandered the heavens above their heads. I watched them all perish beneath the deluge with all humanity who had fallen from grace, and waited for what I knew would come soon.

…when the Seraph came to me and took me captive. Under the earth did he take me to a place hollowed out for my dwelling, and in chains did he bind me that my imprisonment would come with the discomfort of perfect stillness. The length of my sequestration was to be the length of man’s time.


 My horse neighs below me in the darkness. I grab the reins in an attempt to silence it, while I wait for my time to be fulfilled. The trumpets have sounded and mind roams over my plight.

Only but a moment before did my warden Seraph come to my prison and extricate me. A new purpose had been set for me. In praise, I took it, for it held the promise of my being considered for, at most, a punishment that is not parallel to being with Luciferus in his Hell for eternity. maybe even a form of redemption, but I fear to hope, for I cannot excuse my sin. I am an Angel.

 I was once Ihumarel, The fifth General in the war against the formerly mighty Luciferus. Now, the earth shall tremble when the power of my new name and position is unleashed upon them.

I am War, the second horseman of the Apokalyps.


“…when the lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “come”…”

The second seal is broken, and the darkness falls all around me. My horse promptly leaps into reality, bringing the design of my purpose into bear. I ride through the halls of the greatest leaders of men, leaving fumes of violence. True to prophecy, the minions of Lucifer prod and kick their vessels into declaring war on themselves for the basest of reasons. Soon my task is complete. Man has truly gone beyond my expectations. The first nuclear war is won by the first nation to drop nuclear ordnance, it is over quickly and the result is awesome. 

But I am not done. Respite shall not come with such ease.

 As I ride back into the heavenly reality, a wondrous thing happens. Yahweh speaks to me. A new thing he has given me, a choice I will take over the everlasting fires of hell. The heaviness in my heart is all but vanished now as I ascend above the clouds into space and turn my mount towards the earth. With a small prayer of praise, I plunge towards the largest continent. My path is not random, for my goal looms before me.

The ground rushes towards me. I feel nothing. Perhaps a little joy at the fate that awaits me after my purpose is accomplished. Hell is as a forgotten thing for me. Luciferus shall perish forever in loneliness. Before me looms the largest plantation in all the earth. The fields fill my view while my horse neighs with reckless abandon, spewing brimstone and sulfur. I see each head of corn and grain of rice clearly now, and hear something of Yahweh’s voice again.

A new way I give you, and a new thing I will do

Another purpose shall you accomplish

and go back from whence you came

for there is no place in the heavens for you

I shall fulfill prophecy. My fate is sealed.

“…when the lamb opened the third seal, I heard the second living creature say, “come”…”

 My latest name resounds in my mind as I make a cataclysmic contact with the ground and destroy everything on it.


Hell shall not have me, for oblivion beckons.


by the hand of Mosadiel, the fifth cherub who bears witness, under the unction of the omniscience of Yahweh.

* * * *  * *

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