Pantheon (preview)

I am awfully excited to announce the commencement of a new series on my blog, accomplished with the collaboration of a wonderful guest writer in the person of @edgothboy. He is a member of PassTheSaltband.

PANTHEON* shall be premiering this Saturday at 9am. It is a tale comprising four stories and features most, if not all, of the gods of Ancient Egypt. It was inspired in part by popular demand to write more on Egyptian mythology after I wrote Scales, a story of the Egyptian underworld and also the most “influential” post on my blog. Do go through it if you are a fan of Egyptian mythology…or if u just like reading weird stuff. The story is only very loosely based on actual myths.

By the way, the stories are very loosely based on the mythology. We just thought to go bonkers with the sequence of events.

Pantheon is a tale of betrayal, seduction, battle, war, divided loyalties, so tell your weird-story-loving folks, re-tweet the links, subscribe (by email) if need be.

The story is divided into five parts, and each will be published at two-day intervals.

Your feedback, thoughts, criticism, irrational rants and cool saltiness will be expected.

Be warned, like most posts on this blog, each story is quite long…but you know that already:)

I leave you with a foretaste of things to come. Until then, see you on Saturday at 9am

* FYI, a Pantheon is all the deities of a people or religion considered collectively.

Ekwe, out.


I: Transfiguration (@ekwem)

Emperor Asu-Raneh III of the Ruscan Empire watched them come, his wise black eyes on the bundle the leader bore. His upper beak was coated with a veneer of soft pure gold so that it reflected the light brilliantly and gave him an other-wordly quality. Between his eyes rested the symbol of his Lordship; a thumb-sized piece of Injurin diamond of the highest quality of which the song griots sang odes and composed complicated ululations. It was supposedly bestowed on the progenitor A’Eyahkum Vnais Natrahk (The One Who Came Before The Egg)  by some extinct personal deity. Within the diamond was preserved forever, a pinch of blue sand that pulsed the deity essence. His royal apparel lacquered with Lapis Lazuli glimmered in the light of the hall. He stood expectantly in a manner that was nothing less than majestic while the visitors reached the pool of burning silver which surrounded his throne. Beyond the pool of Silver on either side of the emperor were two granite statues of his ancestors. The commander glanced at the two statues briefly. The other two Sakuteri fell to their knees in reverence, while the leader did so with his arms outstretched, presenting the bundle.

“King of kings, He to whom the kings of Asco  pay tribute, May the Ruscan Empire resonate eternally with the glory of thy rule”, he began, “Your servants have sought out the hidden things  for three cycles in search of the Elixir of Alaklet, Purveyor of light and Bestower of immortality. Twenty and one of us have been lost to this odyssey, but only the pleasure and goal of our Lord the King is supreme. Behold the object your fathers sought but did not find. Now, your Imperial Majesty shall be exalted to godhood, for the gods have deemed you fit to swell their ranks. The glory is yours”

II: Foresight and Repercussions (@edgothboy)

Flashing images. Snatches of sound. Overpowering smells that settle for a second are mysteriously swept away… The revolting feel of vermin crawling against the skin. The metallic taste of freshly spilled blood… The smell of bedchamber sweat. The weight of a throne headdress. Betrayal. A stranger from the stars. Reawakened ancients. Death. A swell of the womb. Power. Seduction. Usurping. Set. Anubis. Ammit. Darkening of the skies. Deception. NOW!!!

She awakens with a start and espies the growing cloud of blackness hurtling to the barren lands east of where she lay.

It has begun.

She snatches up the serpent, which has already begun to slither away and bites into its scaly neck, spits out a chunk of it’s throat. She dips a finger into the blood and draws sigils on her bare chest. The monkey for guile. The desert hawk for speed. The wild cat for power. Flinging aside the  serpent’s bloodied corpse, she breaks into a sprint  to the top of the tallest dune from which she dives into the air and transfigures into her avian aspect, soaring into the skies as the ball of blackness crashes into the desert plain in a maelstrom of sand and rain.

III: Persuasion and Sacrifice (@ekwem and  @edgothboy)



He hid himself in the valley of the kings, under the tombs of the greatest remembered. When the desert is thrashed by the winds that come in from east of the Nile and the sand storms arise, Set harbors every particle, his powerful mind calculating each trajectory and stipulating the course of events. When they who render fealty to him are caught up in his embrace, his aspect is revealed as a coalition of rapidly vibrating dark particles. A darkness which sucks in the light. Set sees all.

His eyes open suddenly, particles in his face forming a circular space to denote this action. He was in solid darkness a moment ago before his meditation. Now, the musky tomb in which he has deemed fit to place himself glowed like the center of the sun. A presence stood behind him. One which had come with considerable stealth despite its highly conspicuous aspect.

Set would not let another  being cause him trepidation. He closed his eyes, a mild apprehension at this gamble gripping him. If this stranger had come for destruction, it would have been done swiftly.

“Stranger, what is it you seek in the presence of Set?”

IV: Conquest and Consolidation (@ekwem)

The Arabian Desert, East of the Nile.  Al Ahmar

Tumble weed suddenly rolls past a desert side-winder, frightening the snake and making it slide its curved body smoothly into the sand. The air is hot, boiled by the harsh sun. Suddenly, clouds begin to gather. In a moment, the sunny desert was dark as early night, and the foreign rumble of thunder scared the baffled desert animals into their fiery hot holes. Sand Dunes begin to heave as though the earth has a heartbeat. A coolness descends everywhere. From the darkest part of the stormy clouds, the first one, born of the sky emanates.

A sand dune explodes, raising brown sand into the sky. The second one, She of the Earth, comes forth. Geb.

Suddenly a comet lands in the nearby sand dune. Amun has arrived.

The people of the land of Egypt feel the tremors. They know the gods have arrived. Everyone enters their habitation. Doors are locked shut. The palace shuts down. Even the supposed god-king dares not interfere.

The three elder gods form a triangle by virtue of their initial positions. It has been eons since they found company with one another,that age when they bound the beast Apep before going back to sleep. Now, they have awakened again for the same purpose.

a sound.

“She comes”

“Her end will meet her”

“Mercy is a thing bygone”