Maybe I should walk to the woman down the street and buy a satchet of coffee. It’s a cool evening.

I walk down the rural street, kicking up sand as my feet lazily drags along. To my right is an undeveloped plot of land with a fence and a huge gate. The gap at the hinges afford me a slim vista into the plot as I pass by. There is a cow grazing inside. Cool. As I move forward my angle of view widens. For a moment I see a white bear farther inside the land,hiding in the grass behind the cow. Hmm…wonder what a bear is doing in ikorodu. Well, that is one very dead cow.

I reach my destination.

“Nescafe please”.

The woman silently hands it to me and accepts my twenty naira.

I walk back down the road to my house. As I pass the fenced plot again, I look through the gap at the side of the gate. The cow is still there. My angle of view sweeps through the entire land as I keep moving. Something is missing.

Where is the bear?

Something tells me to look behind me.


It’s coming from down the street. How did it get there?!  It’s running towards me! I am still in the middle of the street. My house is still far..And I remember from NatGeo that bears can reach 50km/hr at full speed.  No time to think. Run!!

My feet move in accordance with my survival instincts. Why I am the only one on the street? My gate is almost near.


I am home. Now if I could just push the gate open and ent-

The bear knocks the down brutally in front of my gate. Shit!

How did it get here so fast?!

It tumbles with me on the concrete and rises up with a roar. I know what it is going to do next. It will  slap me with its powerful paws. Just as all bears do when fighting.

Why is there a gun in my hand? It’s a small gun. Somehow I know it only contains one bullet. Why am I thinking about this??!!

I aim and shoot before the bear’s paws come down on my head. I see the bullet leave the gun. It is coloured very weirdly. As though it doesn’t belong in this scene. Like bad graphics. Of course it doesn’t belong, I didn’t have a gun two seconds ago! I watch it in “bullet time” as it makes contact with the bear’s furry head. So vivid.

And gets flattened. Fuck.

It didn’t even penetrate.

The bear falls backwards heavily. Somehow, I know I have about three seconds to remove myself from under its white body, run into my house and lock the gate. Three seconds.

I push the gate while on the ground and scramble into the house. I don’t even have time to get up. Shit is real. For some weird reason, the gate doesn’t have that Jam-Lock that we just installed. Good. No need to fumble with the keys, else I would be dead.

I am about to close the gate before the beast rises up and rams his body against it. Fuck. What kind of animal resists a bullet to the head??

Who am I to play tug of war with a bear ? I lean with all my strength against the gate as it vibrates savagely against me. I am terrified. I am going to die. I can’t keep this much longer. Why the fuck is the Jam-Lock not here?? It would have locked the gate instantly upon closing.

I look behind me.

Thank You God!

I don’t bother to ask why a soldier with a gun is relaxing in my compound.

“Come here with your gun!”, I scream

The dude runs over with his glorious AK47. I have never been so happy to see a gun.

I am still pushing against the roaring bear on the other side of the gate, but the gate is opening wider In its favour. He is steadily winning the tug of war.

“I..am…going to leave the gate. Please get ready to shoot. There is a bear on the other side”

The man is not afraid. Who can be afraid when holding a gun? He aims at the gate. Actually there are two men, but the other has no gun. Weird. I don’t remember his face.

I am at the limit of my endurance; I leave the gate and dive to the floor as the metal flings open with great force. The soldier opens fire instantly. I am very happy to hear sounds of agony from the bear. Strangely, it sounded exactly like a dog in pain.

I get up quickly to see its dead body, and am surprised to see the unwounded beast running away. But how?? After all those bullets?? No blood on its white fur??

Who cares? I am alive!

Thank God.

Last night’s dream is too weird. This is from the 19th of Jan. More coherent.