There is only two feet of him. Two feet of fur on a semicircular head. No visible neck. He reminds me  a lot of that “Captain Caveman” character from the Mystery Angels cartoon. His movement makes his grotesque barrel-shaped figure wobble from side to side like a penguin. His eyes are the most striking part of him. They are very human. They are glossy, almost like he was constantly on the verge of tears. His face is infinitely wrinkled and would strike fear into any person. I am assuming this my pursuer is male.

I was surprised the first time I encountered him,ages ago. He wasn’t at all what I expected. This does not matter. What matters now is that I should not be his prey. He has pursued me for so long..and now, here we are. I have run from the present into the future..and now I am in a place I cannot recognise. The building is familiar, but not the Time. The once occupied hostels are overrun with thick weed. There seem to  have been a succession of vegetation here. Two hundred years worth. How did I know that?  I know he is outside the building. In the jungle. He is looking for me.

I am in the darkness of the interior, though it is day outside. I can’t run anywhere else. I know this is my only shot in this world.

Stay in this building. keep still.

He is coming nearer, sniffing me out. I am petrified, for I know of the oblivion that will be my lot if he ever catches me. I cannot see how this small thing could possibly harm me, but images of darkness assail my mind when I think of what the ending of this matter could be. I do not have a prayer to say. The thought does not occur to  me. You are not afraid enough if you ever have the composure to say a prayer when in trouble. My heart pounds in my chest.

Suddenly an ululation emanates from the searching form. In the very quiet jungle, the sound carries far. Why is there no one else here? It seems we are the only two in this world. I hear his words.

“I know you are somewhere here”, his voice is ancient and raspy. His threat only begs me to question.

Why is my school building suddenly in the jungle? Is this really the future?

He sniffs the air loudly. I am afraid he has picked my scent. My eyes open in terror. I can see him. Through the walls of the building I can see him. but how is that even possible? I feel him as though we were of kindred spirit. He suddenly stands still. The next few moments shock me. A large brilliant yellow and spotted leopard appears in his path. Ah. This is what he sniffed out, I guess. The leopard is huge,about half the size of an elephant. A wonder to behold.  It accosts him, fangs bared threateningly. Ah! I am saved. Surely…

It happens far too quickly, in a blur that is as clear as slow-motion. He moves towards the beast, his small mouth open. There was no deformity in his mouth or any form of surrealism to the scene but right before my witness…the leopard is swallowed up. A terrible miracle. I move back by half a pace, my eyes wide open. My fear piques and my amazement makes my heart pound. I have underestimated him. Fuck! I just moved.

He looks at the door to the building. This building that is inexplicably my fortress in the middle of the jungle. He smiles, a terrible expression. His lips actually go from ear to ear. Yes!  Now I know what to liken him to. His face is a cross between the corpse of an old man and a gorilla. He is far too ugly for existence.

Tears leave my eyes. So this is the terror of  dying. It is amazing how reluctant we are to die when faced with circumstances that threaten our lives.

He is coming now. Confidently. Could this really be the end of the road for me, after all these months of pursuit and narrow escapes?

Death is personally coming for me, and I am trapped.


An account of a dream. There is a lot more where this came from.

We hope to have something worth reading for you pretty soon. Keep the fire burning. Thanks all :*