A flagship Design

I think this category is long overdue for content….

Two days ago, i stumbled upon http://cutelittlefactory .com icon creation tutorials i had downloaded to my computer months ago. Its an awesome site by Andrea Austoni, an Italian graphic designer, for vector enthusiasts who would like to learn to create everyday objects using photoshop or illustrator. I was really impressed and inspired by what i saw there and decided  I was gonna learn how to replicate my HTC desire on screen.

This morning, soon as I awoke, I switched on my ever-present-beside-my-bed laptop and got to work., right after saying a little prayer for inspiration and perseverance because in first-time projects like these, faint hearted designers are wont to give up halfway, their estimate of their skills reduced in their mind’s eye.

Spent a lot of time holding the phone up to light in order to understand how to render the curves and highlights in Photoshop. So I started, it was a rough start, I had to download an image of the phone from google in order to pen the outline. The going was really tough, until the damn power went out. I was glad I had saved moments before, else I would have been discovered hours later by my sister, smiling wildy and scratching my head as I fell deeper into the well of insanity. I would wait for about eight hours before the epileptic power would be restored.

I swotted over my keyboard and mouse, using this tutorial as a guide until I came up with this! To make the look more authentic, I visited the android market and downloaded a screenshot software with which I got a screenshot of my actual phone screen. With regard to my proficiency with drawing, this was the most difficult art work I had done in 3 months, after my last photomanipulation. You can see all my photo manips here.

The result, after a messed up layers palette and brute force guess work,  though not perfect has boosted my image of my skills and the power of my determination.

For aesthetics i resolved to make it like a promotional advert for hte device and used the seven home screens-which by the way is an extremely cool feature- as the selling point. I have resolved to create more objects to consolidate my new mindset and better myself in graphic design generally. Thank God!

PS…none other but my HTC Desire was man-handled, bent, held to the light, dropped on the table and dragged on my bed during the making of this design. If your HTC desire looks like the one drawn, that is simply because the company thought to make copies of the phone after a lot of midnight meetings.