I am Mosadiel, scribe.

I partake in a duty that has been set upon me by the Ancient of Days before Time was principle. I write upon the everlasting scroll of the universe with dark matter as my quill. For aeons has my ink traversed the pages of the eternal parchment and now, for the first time since creation and concept, I chronicle a verse prompted by my own accord.

It was a dozen thousand years, according to the timestamp  of Man, after Luciferus fell from grace with a third of the host- a saga for another time- when Elohim first told the Elders that He was going to make Man in His own image and likeness. The Elders looked upon His glory with consternation, but none questioned. The Others of the trinity agreed as they were wont to and set in motion the remarkably intricate task of creating a ‘Man’.

It was done.

I knew that moment in space, for in the Heavenly city of Zion, there is no time, as it later came to be known. I wrote it down accordingly for I was there, on top of the Sea of Glass that resides in the presence of Elohim. It is my eternal station. I am always illuminated by the glory of Elohim and oft-bidden to partake in his mind, that my hand may move in one accord with the purpose of His spirit.

Then did begin the work of creation and all of Heaven watched in awesome wonder as Elohim wrought a new thing.

He commanded and suddenly, out of the infinite darkness that clothes the outside of Zion, the first light we had seen since existence burst forth and expanded as far as the soul could bear. We watched as Elohim began to create, the first time since He had made us. The glory of the scene had us astonished though it was surpassed by the emerald Shekina of the Living God.

The Earth was formed, and then water, the Elders observing with a fervency that was only matched by the earnestness of the cry with which they praise God when they cast down their crowns. My hand moved, piecing together the million of words that each moment of creation needed to become an account.

Elohim went on to conceive a range of reality, all revolving around the comfort of this ‘man’ whom we were eager to witness. I had already seen it from the mind of Elohim because I would have to describe him in full later. He was glorious, a masterpiece of creation. He was more complex than every other thing that Elohim had ever done.

He was also a three part being; an outer facade of flesh, a faculty, and a spirit like us; a true cause for wonder

I am Mosadiel, observer

I was awestruck as my hand formed the words for his description. I could not imagine what the formerly mighty Cherub, Luciferus, would make of this, for a new model of perfection was come.

The Lord established the concept of time the moment the whole earth was set on a course around the light and in a mere six days of it, He had perfected the earth while his spirit established the infinite cosmos. It was at this time that He referred thus to the other of the trinity, and I quote;

“Let us make Man in our own image and likeness and let him rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground”

And my hand moved across the infinite scrolls and quoted.

So God created Man in His own image.

In the image of God created He him;

Male and female created He them.

God fashioned him with the clay of the new world, forever sealing the earth as his home and did something which even I had not foreseen; He breathed into the model, forever sealing Man with a portion of His own spirit. It was something He had not done for even the Cherubim that guard the Throne of Power. Our wonder was only to grow.

Now I go to the crux of this missive.

The Lord charged man with abstinence from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; and Man, through the cunning of Luciferus, disobeyed.

Man rebelled.

That a being whom was the model of perfection had fallen from grace for the second time abased us and we grieved with the spirit of the Lord, for Man had turned out to be no different in ambition from Luciferus. We were truly amazed, for the same being with whom Elohim in His omnipresence walked and talked upon the earth in the evenings had turned his spirit against the purpose of Heaven. It was not unexpected, for with freewill usually comes a dissatisfaction with the prevailing order and consequently, a rebellion. Luciferus had shown us this truth by his works.

Pay heed.

There are seven (yea, seven, for Luciferus cannot remove his own nature) Cherubim in the whole of creation; mighty servants with six wings. Two wings cover their faces and two wings cover their feet and shield them from the Shekina. They stand in His presence and ‘burn’ everlastingly with His glory, for they are the ultimate symbol of His purity. Now, at the fall of Man, Elohim said

Behold, the man is become as one of Us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever-

The Lord commanded two of them, Ozariel and Zerubal to the garden and bade them to expel Man from the paradise of Eden and surround the Tree of Life (that was to have been sometime destined for Man in his untainted nature) to prevent access to it by Man and spirit.

The Cherubim removed quickly from the presence of Elohim for the first time since eternity, not turning aside from their path. The glory they carried from the presence destroyed the manifestations of the princes of the air that sought to stop them at the firmament surrounding the earth. We watched in awe. Because of Man, two Cherubim have left the presence of God until the end of Man’s time. Only our former commander, Luciferus, has left the presence before, and that was to walk upon the holy mountain. It is a deprivation of great proportion, one that mere flesh and blood would never understand.

Of worthy note is the veracity that Man has not been destroyed. Even now the Cherubim have arrived to guard the Tree. This must mean that God intends for the earth to hold fast for yet a while and perhaps let man discern the error of his ways. He has loved Man in a way that He will never love another; I, who inhabits His presence, know this for a surety.

I, as scribe, know that the Cherubim burn with ire, for this new creation has done a thing of the highest foolery. It is taking their all of their devotion not to turn aside from their path and strike the Man and Woman down as they walk away from Eden in the skins that our God has sewn for them, much to our surprise. We shall never understand the love Elohim has for Man. We are humbled by it.

There is talk of Redemption, another new concept; of an Apokalyps, a time of tribulation. It shall be clear to me presently. Man has done that which isn’t wanton and my unfounded concern for him mounts, for the terror of Elohim is extraordinary and His judgement is quicker than the strike of the bejewelled flaming sword of the once mighty Luciferus; which also now is on its way to join the Cherubim in preventing the way to the Tree of Life.

I am Mosadiel, the fifth Cherub and the One Who Bears Witness.


Only God in heaven knows how this post came to be. I had planned to write something insanely different about another, but kept re-writing it in my mind until it became close to nothing I had first envisioned…and ended up writing a muse by a cherub *shrugs

Funny. I only have the inspiration for these Angelic posts when I am in church.

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