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Welcome to my blog. Been a while since we saw demons and strange gods. More will be coming your way soon. Do read and enjoy this my awfully short labour of love. I was stuck in a rut when i wrote this, so forgive me if any of theme seem familiar to you.

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The world around me is alive with pandemonium, but I believe I know better than to subscribe. Sitting on the granite ground, in a street corner of this sprawling strange city whose oddly rectangular structures climb high into the sky I regard the fleeing forms and the screaming women with distaste. The people understand not their peril, for they would have become convinced of the futility of their reactions. No one notices this beggar or his indifference, but that is expected. I look down the wide and long New York boulevard, at the mist which has engulfed half the country,swallowing towers and landmarks with the unceasing ferocity of a tsunami, and listen sadly to the beastly roaring sound which  emanates from within it. Heeled shoes break of around me, purses fall from shaking hands and are instantly forgotten, men express bravado by shouting for calm while they soil themselves with urine. I almost laugh. I could have told them if I could, but my clicking tongue would be shrugged off as the creation of an insane mind. So I keep still and watch the mist as it eats up the sidewalk of this strange world at whose culmination I am nested within old cartons; while my origins recants itself before me with dreamy character


Of Mar and his fortune

In the cycles of my youth, I was smitten by the thirst for that which my eyes could not behold, and my heart could not find purchase on. I was a close follower of the brilliant records of the philosophers Heurhan and Maitahos, and gave myself wholly to the spirit of their written contemplations, and the study of all that titillated the imagination and cultivated curiosity.

I was Mar, fifth son of the Holy Emperor Juer, and as far removed from the throne as the resolve of four elder brothers could allow, so that I wisely disregarded the murky labyrinths of its politics. Atlantis, which sat in the centre of the Akani waters was glorious in the golden brilliance of the morning sun and the ember effulgence of the evening sky.  Every morning, forsaking my scheduled studies, I would gaze with wonder over the  heaven-grazing spires of Atlantis at the red orb of the sallow sun rose from the depths of the unending expanse of ocean which boggled the mind.

In generations innumerable, none had broached beyond a certain distance from the shores of Atlantis, for during the Ameng Dynasty, political pressure arising from a world war had caused Atlantis to sever all ties which the distant continents, and the empire had found it wholesome to direct their destiny far from the influence of outsiders, so that though it became a civilisation whose arabesque spires grazed the nimble heavens, it lacked vessels boisterous enough to broach the troublous foreboding waters. By the means of old and powerful sorcery, the islands and its inhabit were concealed from the view of passing seafarers; in their sight the area occupied by the ancient kingdom was naught but a great and rough circle of tortured waters and tidal disturbances.

I love my native land, and I bear my generation no spite for upholding tradition descended from half-mythic ancestors. Even now, I still dream of its lush acreage of red grass and scampering robbabs, inhale the spectral scent of the Greishu flowers and taste the nectar which flow down at the piercing of the Urian tree. But my heart pushed me toward shores of Atlantis, and my eyes roved hungrily over the crashing waters, seeking without success to transcend the distant horizons and caress unfamiliar and wondrous vistas.

In my 200th cycle of life during the tenth night of the month of Anwap. The Akani oceans, whose troublous waters had buffeted atlantis since time immemorial, turned upon its nature and  settled to a soporific calm. On that unforgettable dawn, we were greeted to the sight of heavy smog and an equally mysterious and gloomy grayness, for in former times, the rays of the sun had waxed ever brilliant upon that glorious isle, and grayness was alien to us. The haze hung at a wide equidistance from the island out upon the azure water, so that there was a wide circular area around the island which was free from its grip.

The sun was blocked out by the heavy fog, and the horizon was blurred by its eminence. The silence of Akani rung to our ears like the noisy crumble of a metallic structure. It was not surprising that some among us, whose attuned mind could not accept so abrupt a change as the silence of the waters veered quickly into paths treaded by insanity. The mystery evoked investigations which culminated before they began, for none would objectively venture into the placid waters, even when it was apparent that no hidden danger lurked therein.

I was fascinated by the circumstances and lingered in the company of the scholars as they remonstrated repetitively and raised doubtful conjectures regarding the significance of this oddness.

The days fleeted by, and the months followed, as we settled into a life different what our fathers and their fathers before them had known. My father, Emperor Juer, had on behalf of the denizens, petitioned the gods, but had received in answer the eldritch silence of the holy ones. The mist crept ever closer to the isle, as though acting upon the whim of some malevolent entity which abided therein. We felt its stranglehold, and quaked in fear for what unfortunate circumstance might befall us when the smog settled upon us.

It was during this period that my father slept with his fathers, and my eldest brother, Heun, ascended the Stool of Atlantis in a ceremony whose historic flamboyance was subdued by the uncertainty which surrounded our future.

On the night after the ascension, sleeping upon the warmth of my poster bed, I was overtaken by a strange dream. In it I found myself standing upon the rough sands of  the western beach, standing and facing the darl waters. The moon  unseen for months peered through an opening in the mist, as though it had parted the vapoury veil to stare down upon me and illuminate my vicinage. The scene had the rancor of desolation, and the silence was unbearable. Not a handful of water moved in that breadth of ocean I could see. Shortly, a wind picked up. I looked down at myself and discovered that I was arrayed in my sleeping robes. They did not seem enough to shield me from the wind, but I quickly discovered that the draft brought with it no sensation of temperature. The wind swirled around the desolate beach for a moment in a purposeful fashion, like an ethereal manisfestation of some ultradimensional creature awaiting a purpose beyond  reasoning.

While I instinctively followed the wind in my eyes(in a fashion I cannot describe in words) the sphere of empty space in the cloud through which the pockmarked moon had revealed itself closed up again, throwing the bleak night into a depth transcending the deepest gloom, so that I was suddenly cloaked with horror at what was to be unveiled in the absence of that sacred light which ruled the night.

Before me, that gloom which had hung disconsolately for months parted as the wind moved through it. The light of the moon was excluded from so near to the surface of the water, so the yawning space that appeared when the fog was gone was black as an unending tunnel.

Staring into it’s bleak depths, I fell therein.

My mind’s eye became enhanced beyond normal and visionary understanding. I looked and in that darkness was unraveled the legend which pre-dated time. As my being streaked across the times and seasons of that weird history which was unfurled before me, I beheld with awe an otherworldly entity neither living nor dead, of unutterable name, which arose in a culture and evolutionary system that was contemporary with the birth of the universe. It was indescribable, being composed of an accumulation of warped and nonsensical geometry and a plethora of hues. This semi-divine being, having dabbled in grotesque and unspeakable experiments, had found itself altered beyond lawful boundaries, and empowered in a new fashion, so that it was able to traverse the boundaries which parted the dimensions of time and space. The abominable alteration of its living systems made it imperative that it sustained itself upon that unknowable matter which defined and upheld the circumstance we know as Time and Space; leaving a void of chaos in its wake.

Following its history in a moment of time, I saw that it had encountered our world, and had already begun it’s process of gradual annihilation. Behind the mist which represented it, nothing existed. No reality, no matter, no Time.

My terror mounted.


I awoke between silken sheets, my night clothes laden with perspiration and my chest thumping like the beating of some demoniac’s drum. Upon my mind was destined a singular purpose, which combined curiosity and resolve, to the exclusion of all.

It was furtive, silent work bypassing the guards, but the tireless celebration and untethered drinking of the night before played their part, and soon I stood at the shores of my dreams, dressed carelessly in my night clothes. I stared at the still encroaching fog and grew alarmed at its progress; it had leaped a wide gulf in the time following the Ascension of my brother the night before, and now creeped upon the outermost sandy white shore with silent malevolence.

The moon was now wholly hidden by the mist, and I waited in vain for the dawn I had seen in my dream to appear again in the black mist and confirm the details of that vision I had received only a few minutes ago. The silence and stillness didn’t disappoint me, for my purpose was already set. Approaching a small dock, I unmoored a small fishing barge solemnly, for I perceived the finality of my actions. This vessel would not go far in the unending waters of the oceans, but such considerations did not hamper me. Starting up the engines, I steered the boat along the peninsula, feeling the tendrils of fear break through my hypnotic resolve.  The fog called to me fervently, unheard in that silent night, and I moved toward it silently but quickly.

Behind me, the atlantis of my birth drifted away from me and into the belly  of night, waiting to be dealt a fatal blow by the hand of its unfortunate fate. Ahead for me, through channels I could not identify, called the voice of destiny. When my small trawler met with the head of the fog, a great shiver ran through the vessel which made me concerned for its integrity. The air was rent with the shrieking of multiple sirens, and I fell to the ground, feeling the sound run through me like some corporeal entity. My skin crawled violently, and it was like space had come apart around me. Nothing seemed clear or cohesive, and my understanding of the wooden vessel was skewed as it appeared to warp and bend at oblique angles. A great wind gusted through the ship, and I had the impression of moving back and forth at a speed unimaginable.  It was around this time that I passed out.


Ekwe thanks you for reading. See you soon,hopefully.

2 comments on “Short Story : Mar’s Tale

  1. Hmmm. Again, an interesting idea – you have an abundance of those – but this time, the execution is a bit lacking. In my opinion anyway. The story seems incomplete and it is riddled with typos from start to finish. Also, the lack of dialogue- its all just constant narration by one character – makes it difficult to read and visualize as a story.
    I guess we’ll see what comes next.

  2. drasaq01 says:

    feels incomplete. Maybe I’m slow but I really can’t find meaning. Would read it again.

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