At the most inopportune time in the ages to come, the candent and relentless albedo of the sun shall find itself burdened with the weight of infinite ages by-gone, and wan to a sanguine orb.

In the days before this supernal aberration, Man would have already fought his last great war, and retrogressed the development of his kind through the attendant destruction by settling once again into primeval cultures and roaming the war-torn plains and atomically leveled cities of the earth, having become inundated and partially invulnerable to the radiation. Then in the course of countable seasons the sun would be observed to dim swiftly to a red dull orb and cast a purple radiance across the earth. The earth, and all that is illumined by the sun in the darkness of the infinite void shall attain a mien of gloom beneath the purple radiance, and the very souls of men shall weep for the loss. No more shall the sun be the muse for some romantic poet, or its illumination power the solar panels of the great cities. Its rising from the east which in saner times was an emotive event will become a torturous parody of the old days, and will lift no hearts or trodden soul by its impotent and lacklustre display. Much knowledge would be lost and primal instinct would hold much sway in the demeanour and dealing of man.

Men shall move about in uncertainty and speculate in mournful susurration of a time when the red glow which cast its melancholic rays shall find itself extinguished for all time. The progeny of these men would hear about a yellow sun as in a mythic lore, and stare with hungry souls at the orb which hangs balefully beyond the purple clouds. The moon of the twilight shall be brighter than the sun at noon, and the stars shall shine will dazzling brilliance in the absence of a more glorious celestial body.

In that irreligious and verdigris-eaten world of broken steel and twisted copper, of irradiated concrete, shattered glass, and thatched settlements, the fruit of the field will be sparse, ill-grown, inadequate and a pallid tone would be propagated on the flesh of man. The long-curtailed primal instincts would rush to the fore as though atoning for the ages of repression, and many a man would find sustenance in the raw flesh of another before he submits to slumber. Then men shall resort, as like through the countless ages, to creating deities and issuing lamentations mingled with entreaties for their salvation.

The creator would hearken, and undertake a journey to the sun to achieve repairs and restore it to its old glory, that men may show gratefulness by returning to his adoration. Now the creator had not deemed it expedient to use his power and skill since the first creation at the beginning, except for the achieving of minor wonders among mankind in the days when the lore of him was told abroad, and men bowed to the earth at the mention of his name. He shall find upon reaching the sun that he is as much helpless in reversing its death as the men which cry out to him, for it would not hearken to his command to burn yellow, or yield to his creative devices. As though taking stock of himself for the first time since the beginning, he shall notice for the first time the trailing silver beard which adorn his chin and sweep the ground he treads. He shall look with rising alarm at his mottled hands and feel the beginning of a certain weakness in his appendages. He will also begin to perceive a slight waning in the intensity of his glory. Then a fear shall grip him as it dawns on him  that as the universe is drawing to an interminable close, so is he. He will realize for the first time, how much of himself he had put into the work of creation, and how wrong he was to mistake his great longevity for immortality. He cannot now even remember his beginnings, for it is mired in an epoch so far gone that it seems to have been lost in the infinite oblivion of the great ether. He will recall with sudden alarm that the universe was before him, and that he simply created all within it. the untouchable darkness of the cosmos was before him, and now light must die; For the darkness was here first, and will remain forever. Standing in front of the dying sun, he shall weep in mourning at this calamitous state of things, and turning resolutely about him, head towards the earth.

On the ancient olympian heights of Greece shall thunder and lightning and fire coalize in a brilliant display announcing the coming of majesty, and men shall see from all over the earth and tremble as they run to the hills and into the dead forests, fearful of the baleful scene and incurious to its demystification. The creator shall appear and call them to him, and they shall come at his feet. And while his beards and robes billow in the wind, he will relate to them his impotency in trying to reverse the ominous trend of the celestial cycle and how close to the end he has found himself to be. The people of that unfortunate world shall find themselves stricken with a loss of hope. The creator shall then invite them into his cave on the great mountain; and seated in his purple robes which majesty the pale sun will fail to diminish, tell them of the things that have passed, of other ages, and of great men. He shall tell them about the vanity of the philosophy of an eternity, and the foolishness of an eternity after the grave. In the aeonian rocks of Olympia, his audience shall attend solemnly and listen to his final oration while the world outside the igneous mountain grows reddish gray as it gallops towards a silent annihilation. One after the other, men shall fall into eternal sleep while he speaks, and he shall keep speaking until the last lung has stopped its throbbing dance. When all is silent save the frothy waves which crash into the Grecian peninsula, he shall lay supine upon the flat rock on which he sits and ordain it for a catafalque. As he makes preparation to sleep forever, dark blotches shall appear in the vermillion pallor of the sun. Like a lantern which flares up brightly before its fuel runs out finally, the sun shall assume its former candent glory for a few moments, and swiftly, like a forest fire which has been deprived of air, go out. In the cave which is only lit by his ebbing effulgence, he shall close his eyes and dissipate into the universe which had made him so.

The moon, the earth, the spinning rings of detritus and ice which surround Saturn, the mighty moons of Jupiter, the brilliant stars and a thousand other celestial bodies which occupy the bleak ether…all these things shall be still in that day. And when at last the crashing seas have become stationary and the raging winds have lost their momentum, there shall be a great cacophony as all created things dissipate into the nothingness from whence they were fashioned.

After a time which cannot the conjectured, there shall be a song broadcast in the infinite oblivion, and a rumbling sound shall take precedence. A brightness shall ensue at one end of it, and from its nucleus another would emerge; one who would be called creator. And the first thing he would do would be to create the celestial bodies and, in the fullness of time, forget that the universe was here before him.


Well, you have read it.


28 comments on “Creator

  1. Nugwa says:

    Dude, you dey write.

  2. Hahaha interesting. Endless loop of creations, it appears!

    (The beginning of paragraph 2 seemed a little difficult to read, I actually slowed down there. But maybe I’m just tired at 10:30pm. Lol)

    Great job overall!

  3. maze92 says:

    I like this. Difficult to accept as truth, but easy to enjoy as fiction.

  4. CNARIO says:

    You’re such a gifted writer. Thumbs up man!

  5. Nimrod says:

    Yes, i have missed your writings n i enjoyed this(Creator) thoroughly but i have say this; how dare you put such an idea into our innocent minds?! Hehe! Good one….

  6. mendaxlacrimis says:

    Lool! This is rather good. Comic although the events are rather serious. Best tragedy I’ve ever read

  7. weird_oo says:

    i’m too depressed to read. gerrout. Lol. Sha do and finish your book and start selling so i can use you to make mouth.

  8. TheManya says:

    “I say the things that weren’t as though they were”

  9. edgothboy says:

    I don’t even know what to say. As fiction, this is glorious. The mere fact that the story is cohesive enough to make me wonder is testament to your execution. Do and finish ya book oh.

  10. TTXIII says:

    OK Ekwe, I generally like, nay, love your stories but this one is just…errr… somehow? Perhaps because it is about one of my (and indeed OUR) favourite topics – the idea of creation and the creator. I like the idea but I find it poorly executed (by your own high standards)

    1. The basic astronomy is not exactly correct. The death of the sun will only herald the end of this solar system. In paragraph before last, you imply that the death of earth’s sun will herald the end of all life in the universe, or am I mistaken?

    “…the brilliant stars and a thousand other celestial bodies which occupy the bleak ether…all these things shall be still in that day. And when at last the crashing seas have become stationary and the raging winds have lost their momentum, there shall be a great cacophony as all created things dissipate into the nothingness from whence they were fashioned…”

    Stars and suns die everyday in the universe. We are still here. So this doesn’t sit well with me at all, unless I missed your meaning? Explain?

    2. The writing is somewhat emotionless. I suppose that is the tone you were going for but I always prefer when stories have a bit of emotion to them. You usually sneak that in. This one is just… mechanical. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    3. A few typos here and there.

    “stars shall shine will dazzling” – *with

    “pendent which hangs balefully” – *pendant? (Pendent means ‘in a state of hanging'” so a pendent which hangs balefully doesn’t really make sense to me.

    Typos are meh anyway…

    Sorry for the long comment but I know you could have done much better with this and I really wanted to like it. Its almost time for your Circle. I am expecting great things 🙂

  11. ebuoe says:

    Ekweminatti d great … This is beyond awesome ,u hv a way of makn fiction seem so true … Beautiful execution bro …

  12. peju says:

    Ekwe…evil you…awesome story…just that the begining made it seem like it was gonna be boring.

  13. malickspeaks says:

    Very daring…. Such thoughts that run amok in ya young head. Ekwe’s very own Big Bang Theory! Great writing but hallucinatory idea haha!

  14. mzloulette says:

    You and your blasphemous stories sha. *chuckle* While I thoroughly enjoyed it as fiction, i think it could use a little work. Don’t ask me; harassment of the Ekwe is the Mantis’ job. And all dese grammars! Hian! My favorite bit, by miles, was the bit about the darkness coming before the light and the light forgetting that. Well done! (Oh, and congrats on the length too!)

  15. Georgeenah says:

    Was this inspired by the religious convo you had with some guy a while ago? :p
    Real good,I like it!

  16. marvelous writing, but so many typos?

  17. PreyingMantis says:

    I believe the degree of emotion expressed in this story is quite appropriate. Very sombre. Almost like a eulogy/ballad to the sun.

    I find paragraph 4 particularly interesting, in terms of expression. I see how you portray the sun as the life force of everything on earth.

    The possibility of a ‘mortal creator’, one who isn’t eternal is an oddity. It might seem that the Universe in itself, is the creator, having a will of its own and just coughs up a being to manage its affairs for a particular time. In this case, the role of ‘You are the Potter, I am the Clay’ is reversed.

    A preposterous notion and yet, very engaging.

    • Ekwe says:

      Yes. I was going for a sombre tone. I read an Ashton Smith story that dealt with a dying sun, and the tone of it made me very emotional. I sought to replicate the emotion when I set to write this preposterous thing (the corpers here are praying for my soul)

      no grammatical corrections? good. makes ur comment so much shorter. lol.

  18. Betty says:

    Ekwe, this reads like it would belong in SUM by David Eagleman. I think it’s a book you might enjoy- look for it. I liked this a lot, well done.

  19. teekellz says:

    Been a while…………… Like @preyingmantis said “Preposterous notion” but really interesting read……. Good job man

  20. highlandblue says:

    Firstly, I must say I’m terribly disappointed at the length (or lack of it) of this story. Surely, Ekwem, u must know I’ve cancelled my Tell, Time and Newsweek magazine subscriptions because of ur blog posts!

    Apart from that, u know my Christian mind cannot shrink the Creator to this size. I cannot suspend belief to this point Lol. Nice try tho. And please, stop this ur fascination with celestial beings biko. Write about flowers, ants, bees and trees, whatever. At least until u see an angel “whose face shone like the sun.”

    Lastly, pls take what I say with a pinch of salt. Including this one: You are a brilliant writer. 😐

  21. There’s no comment fitting…

    We’ll meet in the back rooms…

  22. Haemlet says:

    Been too busy with work to read your post.

    Its a very daring post that most staunch Christians wouldn’t find funny and it also reminds me of something I have been working on.
    Is this your take on our creation?

    It also has this feel of a religious version of the Big bang theory. An interesting read tho

  23. Tomboxe says:

    Don’t like it. Almost read through it at the third attempt. Ended up skimming over a few lines. I’ll probably try again later, maybe. I think someone spoke about a lack of emotion, yeah. I agree with that comment. The creator is dying and I’m here thinking “Oh well”. Everyone’s too resigned. And I agree this shoulda been a longer story. With a bit more spirit.

  24. coolprincee says:

    “He shall tell them about the
    vanity of the philosophy of an eternity,
    and the foolishness of an eternity after
    the grave.”

  25. damegist says:

    Nice… but this totally FUCKS with everything I stand for (as regards religion).
    Oh… by the way, you really need to get laid! Too much craziness going on in your head son; you gotta release steam before you implode! :p

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