Pantheon V – Alaklet



By the strength of my will, I fashion you

Let him who is begotten of me come forth

Come forth, Amun!!

…and my son, Amun, was called forth from the silence that pervaded at the beginning.

He was to stay beside me while I fashioned the realities, to spend eternity revelling in the work of our hands and taking in the sight which our minds would bring forth. We would move unfettered throughout reality. I was pleased because I had found one to make discourse with.

As a consequence of creation, there existed little patterns of light that represented all things and which stretched into the immeasurable distance. These entities represented all that was and all that could be. I looked into the Pattern at the very beginning, and saw the possibility of Amun’s rebellion. But it was only a possibility. Why would he rebel?

I was away when Amun stole my chattels; some of the distilled essences I had made for myself to ease my work of creation, and disappeared. My fury was unbridled at this insolence. When peace had returned to me, the universes were suddenly too vast a place to seek him out. He had hid himself from me, and it took much passing of time for me to find a probable reality he could be in; a reality I did not create. I settled on the Sun System. After many years of contemplation, I discovered the earth. It was at this location I felt the strongest bond, but it was not to Amun.

The beast Apep was wrought of pure evil. She could only have come forth as the anti-result of something Amun must have created with my instruments. Apep was surely the opposite of Amun. Evidently, He had not mastered the art of creation and this beast had resulted from his ill-thought dabbling. I realized his motivation, Worship. In this Universe, the creation worshipped Amun as creator. Worship did not please me and Amun must have come to the understanding that I would never have sanctioned his craving for it. Worship is a shackle that requires presence. It was not in concert with my purpose of freely moving through and observing creation with my son.

Amun could not be felt, but I was certain he was nearby. I could not interfere directly without revealing myself so I waited. Somewhere, somehow, the infinite probabilities would bring my purpose to bear. My patience would never wear out.

Then Ra stole my elixir, one of the many gifts I had placed in different realities for those who could find them.

A sentient being of interest who had evolved in a Universe close to my current station, I looked into Ra’s Pattern and observed strength of will and cunning that was unmatched in his entire world, Asco. But I saw a loyalty to his Emperor that bordered on worship, a shackle. So I sowed the seed of rebellion into his heart and gave him the elixir as an incentive.


Upon his consumption of my Elixir, I cast him into Amun’s Universe and right into the world I had chosen. He would be an alien there, albeit a mighty one. He should come to Amun’s attention and force him to reveal himself. He must answer for his crimes against his Maker.

I met with the soul of the one called Isis and surreptitiously passed her visions of the things that I wanted to come to pass. She would guide Ra, for she had the the right motivation.

Thus were the pieces set. I could only hope for a favourable outcome. The Pattern was obscure to me, for nothing in this universe was of my making.

Ra’s thirst for power played perfectly into my designs and revealed to me things which were erstwhile unknown; the Apep was important in revealing my prodigal son. My interest was aroused when Set, the one who prided himself as a being of Chaos, sacrificed his existence for the release of the Apep. Grown weary of immortality? What did that mean? I considered the vagaries of the universes. Emperor Asu-Raneh lusted after my elixir, and this Set who had been created immortal had tired of it. Spectacular.

Then the Apep came forth from the underworld, and for the first time in half a million of earth-years, I felt my son, Amun. He had been asleep all this while. He had made himself two spawns, which were to him what he had been to me. I observed them battle the beast for a time, contemplating the weakling he had become, before my patience reached an end.

I decided to reveal myself.


I stood in their midst, regarding them as they persisted in suspended animation. The Apep was truly a magnificent sight. Ra had only just destroyed Osiris. I knew what I wanted to do. Isis had sensed me, my little vision had left her susceptible to my essence.

Nut and Geb, creations of Amun. I took them back, dissolving their matter back into me, the true creator. The Apep had served its purpose, and was in fact blight on creation. I do not like unplanned consequences. I took her out too, dissolving her into the winds with a thought. She would have no part of me.

I held unto Amun. I knew he could see me but he was in the presence of Alaklet, and was therefore trapped and powerless. I regarded him with fury for a while and then held unto him. We were going back to the Beginning. I would deal with him in my abode. Then I had a sudden inspiration, and reached also for the one called Ra.


In the Nothing, a weakened Amun protested vehemently against my actions. He tried to assert his right as an independent parsonage worthy of worship if he so desired. I considered him sternly. His end had been decided the moment he hid himself from me deliberately. I watched him speak dishonourably of my name. When he was done, I rose from my settlement and took him to another reality. There, I stripped his name from him by calling it back unto myself. I made him nameless, a nothing. Then I took his being even as he realized his end and instigated servile pleas for leniency, and crushed it between two suns. Trapped between their almost infinite masses, he would know suffering for a time before his matter dissolved with great spectacle into the Universe. He had been a creation of Power, so this Universe would be sacrificed for the purpose of his destruction. I never honoured Amun with the sound of my voice.

Then I remembered Ra.


The one who is called Alaklet focused on me and I felt more insignificant than a grain of sand in the Wa Adi. He was one of infinitely greater Majesty than my former master Asu-Raneh and more power than a thousand Amuns. I had watched Amun grovel before him. I do not know why it has pleasured him to bring me here or let me see the awesome suffering of Amun. In the… Nothing where we were, I moved backwards in terror. He is the owner of the Elixir I had first stolen for the purposes of my Master. Alaklet.

Then he spoke to me. A comforting ballad.

“I have seen you, Ra. You were limited by your mortality, and by your cunning have now surpassed the boundaries of the immortality I gave you. I seek neither worship, nor glory, but a son. A son to contemplate all things with. You have been my champion all this time, albeit without your consent; Now, Will you be my son?”

Then Alaklet reached into my mind and showed me. He widened my understanding of his request. I saw the past, the present and future. I understood the…Pattern.

I was not worthy to stay in his presence. What was the sun compared to one who had used two suns to torture Amun, supposed creator? I saw what was in store for me.

“Yes…Lord!” I did not even recognise my own ululation.

“You will return to the earth, where you have earned your right of Worship, though it is not within my purpose. Know this, for a time I will let you dominate all within your range, but when my time is accomplished, I shall come for you to bring you back unto myself so that we may set off according to the purpose for which I have adopted you”

Alaklet had given me a chance to be both ruler and God.

Then he touched me and exalted my form. He expanded my mind and then opened it to the secrets of the Universe. When all was done, he anointed me with another name, the symbol of my sonship. When it was set upon me, excellent majesty became my portion, and I revelled in it.

I, Lord of the suns, Amun-Ra.



HAha. I bet you didn’t see Alaklet coming. FYI.. the final name of Ra in mythology is Amun-Ra

Thanks you for reading. It has been amazing journey. We appreciate your inputs, your comments, tweets and most flatteringly, your DMs regarding your fascination with this series. I want to thank @edgothboy for being an awesome project partner. His knowledge of Egyptian mythology was valuable in the writing of this series. Regardless of who wrote what chapter, considerable level of thought was contributed by the other.

Yes, we know the story is not perfect. We had some complaints about the length, but this is as short as we could make it without making it seem convoluted. Thanks for your persistence, your “washings”, your subs on twitter (thank God for the Search function), your relentless hammering about writing a book(which one person said he would pay 15k for *faints) and your love.

On a personal note, I want to thank all the fans of this blog. I know what I write is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who find the ride pleasurable, I can’t thank you enough. You all make it magical for me.

Oh yeah, the holy insect get a mention. He made me start reading my stories countless times before I post. Big thanks to him. You guys may have no idea how irritating it is for grammatical errors to be continually pointed out by an insect -_- his saltiness and unspoken love is appreciated.

It has been a good year for writing. Well, it has been the only year for writing, for meJ.

And so this blog closes for the holidays. if you are a new visitor, I invite you to go through my previous stories. You may find something to pass the time with.

You should catch me on @hl_blue’s blog later when I write about my year.

Merry Christmas

*cues xmas love song as blog fades out of picture



17 comments on “Pantheon V – Alaklet

  1. Nyameye says:

    Not a bad end at all. Fitting.

  2. Mz_Shadee says:

    *thunderous applause*
    Not the kind of end I was expecting, but this I like! (Y)
    Thou art a master…Glory to Yahweh ov kez ^ _ ^

  3. NateOblivion says:

    A befitting end that ties it all together. Well done boys. I’m proud.

  4. weird_oo says:

    Terrific! I see what you did with the ending! I like the way an unknown element was behind almost everything! I’m totally impressed with the whole series! Whoever complains about length can like to gaan read bible pamphlet jo! You didn’t even mention me sha. *sigh* (˘̩̩_˘̩̩̩ƪ)

  5. @dewin_2011,aka, WOLVERINE says:

    Dude! Dude!! Dude!!! I’ve been readin’ all ur stories bt afta readin’ dis saga, I av 2 say u’re on d ryt path. Twas trully EPIC! Sky’s d beginnin’, man…av I said d@ twas EPIC? Jst gotta say dis was rily good. Keep up d good work, man!!!

  6. PreyingMantis says:

    “his saltiness and unspoken love is appreciated”. Unspoken love? Dude you must be lactating.

    Great job.

  7. Phylix says:

    I can’t even say I knew what kind of end to expect, so this one really hit me when I got the end with Amun-Ra. Good show guys! Chop knuckle.

  8. TheManya says:

    Well done boiz

  9. mzcarol says:

    I love the way it ended 😀

  10. coolprincee says:

    Enthralling…by far the best story i’ve read this year apart frm The previous Angelic series u did
    they kinda ended similarly though…u hav a pattern of writing very enigmatic stories and concluding them with an unexpected twist that makes d seemingly sphinxlike characters become lesser at d emergence of a supreme character under whom all others are subjected to his manipulations

    by d way… Where are those OSIRIS FANZ???
    #TeamRa for Aeons 😀

  11. Nice one mate!…and yeah, team Ra all the way

  12. Haemlet says:

    I didn’t expect that kind of ending but at the same time I wasn’t surprised because the religious and angelic has always been your angle. Well done

  13. KPonja says:

    erm @coolprince and @dephrank is #TeamAmun-Ra tho -____-

    I love the end, not what I thought it would be but thats why I love it! @ekwem and @edgothboy did this series proper justice!!!!!

    Can’t wait for 2012!

    Big ups to Yahweh o:)

  14. rhaiharnah says:

    You can change her name all you want.. Ra is still a sexy goddess in my head. A daughter to rule :p

    Alaklet is truly wise…

  15. malota says:

    The journey was totally worth it. Bravo guys…Next year needs to come quick for other journeys to begin.

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