The Game

How could the purest and most unlikely of loves beget Armageddon? How could the creator and overseer of the universe have let it happen? It is unfathomable; an abyss of reasoning that reveals no light. And yet, it has occurred.

I am sorry, I ramble.

My name is Michael and I have served at the helm of the Adelphi since the first fall. We, the Adelphi, are warrior angels. When Lucifer first challenged His authority, it was we who stared him down. We were the ones that fought him and his band of rebels to the edge of Celestia and threw them off the cliffs of Tiali into the pit of Hades. Ironic then, that it would be one of us that eventually undid the order we had fought so hard to establish and maintain.


He said it was love, the fool. Angels do not fall in love. They fall from grace and into the Pit of Disinheritance as everlasting penance. But it seems the two falls are one and the same. His name was Jardia, a being of valour, and he was the most senior guard on this side of the Eternity gate. You see, the eternity gate was the only pathway through which Lucifer could enter Celestia on those rare occasions when he was summoned to give account of himself. His cunning is limitless and as such, he was always subjected to a rigorous search.

It was on one such visit that he came with her; the demon-whore that stole Jardia’s loyalty. He claimed that they never spoke, that it must have been some sort of divine conspiracy; the mad love that overtook both of them the instant they laid eyes upon each other.

They hid in the caves of Tiali to lay with each other and somehow managed to return undetected. The implosion of Guaitar’s third moon was the only physical manifestation of their forbidden act. I know He saw it, yet kept silent, as He was wont to whenever events of cataclysmic proportions played out. Eventually, Jardia was summoned. When queried, he confessed and even professed his undying love for the whore.


I ordered the Adelphi to cast out their fallen brother but He stayed their hands. He told Jardia that the demon, Krtja was with child. He informed Jardia that Lucifer, fearing for his Kingdom, had decided to destroy Krtja and her unborn spawn by absorbing their essence. Jardia demanded to have his Love delivered from the hands of Morningstar. Demanded! from the Lord of hosts, creator of all that is seen and imagined. His faculty had obviously taken leave of him but the Lord looked past his impudence and simply said the words I would never forget: “I will not save her, but you may try. Go to the eternity gate and attempt her salvation. But know this. Once you cross it, the Kingdom of heaven shall be closed to you for eternity” I listened in shock and horror, itching to slay Jardia where he stood and let Lucifer do the same to Krtja and their hell spawn. I was restrained only by a lack of directive from the Throne.

Jardia agreed to this and crossed the Eternity gate to save his love and her unborn. He was greeted by an army of demons at the gates of hell. We watched from on high, expecting him to be shredded to pieces within moments, but he was possessed by love and fought like one of the Seraphim. I had not seen another fight so powerfully and passionately since the war preceding the fall of Lucifer.

His wings never ceased moving as he went about in a blur, slaying all who stood in his way. His white form was soon buried underneath the fragments of demon souls as rage overtook him. I wondered silently at the power this love seemed to give him. Perhaps this emotion could have been channelled to further the ends of Heaven.He persisted in slaying hell’s army, cutting a path to the centre where Lucifer sat on his throne, Krtja beneath his feet. After what seemed like an eternity of tireless, endless slaughter, Jardia stood before Lucifer in silent challenge. Lucifer offered Jardia “a more excellent” way; fight him for Krtja and the throne of hell. Jardia accepted. It was madness. I knew not why Lucifer made such a proclamation, for there was evidently no trickery in it, but I guessed it was just to drive Jardia to the edge of his rage and do something foolish. Jardia engaged Lucifer and lost his left arm instantly.

The fool.

Lucifer never fought fair. This I had learned the hard way at the battle of Tiali; the lightening scar on my left wing stands as eternal testament. But Jardia learned faster than I did, he had to. With his pain dulled by love, Jardia set upon the Morning Star in a ferocious attack. His strength of purpose of evident by the fervour with which he joined battle with the Morning star. The scales were suddenly tipped in Jardia’s favour when the pregnant and captive krtja broke free of her binds in a violent rage and joined the fray. Lucifer would have destroyed any two celestial creatures in fair duel, but these two were fuelled by a passion that had never been witnessed in Celestia and a rage that the fires of hell could not contend with. After a drawn out display of savagery and bravery from warring parties, Lucifer succumbed eventually to Jardia’s flaming blade. He was vaporized in a display of fire, blood and light as the Angels observed in shock.


When the time was fulfilled, we bore witness from Celestia as they birthed their abomination. I sensed its power and knew I had to destroy it before maturity set upon it. Yet, my hand was stayed. Jardia and Krtja named their seed Asifer and spoke boastfully of how he would become more powerful than the Almighty. I could take no more, this latest insolence finally clouded my senses and I disobeyed Him. I called six of my most trusted Adelphi Seraphim and snuck through the eternity gate into Sheoul.

Through the network of demon sentries and tormented souls, we went undetected, until we reached the subterranean chamber where the demon-child slumbered.

Before we could begin the procedure of slaying it, its mother happened upon us. Muriel was the youngest of us and the most impulsive, when the demon set upon us recklessly, he slew her without thinking. Her death-cry roused the attention of an elite advance guard and the child was spared as we had to flee.

I spent time awaiting reprisal from Jardia or admonition from the Lord but neither came and eventually, I began to forget the matter. Then came the time when I was roused from a meditation by Muriel, now my second-in-command in the Adelphi reporting a disturbance at the Eternity gate. My interest was piqued instantly, for it had been long since anything of note happened there. It had even been sealed on order from the Almighty. Jardia had not stepped foot into heaven all this while, and his realm was all but forgotten.

Fifty of us arrived at the gate to the sight of the slain gate-keepers. The gate to Celestia lay in a wreck, but that what was not drew our attention. Standing in front of the destroyed portal was Jardia, and beside him was the most beautiful and glorious creation I had ever seen.

Asifer, his son.

He was a being of pure light. Nine wings surrounded his great form…and his face…his face was like…like…His face.

It was obvious this wasn’t a courtesy visit, for in Asifer’s hand was a sword that had been bloodied by contact with the gate-keepers. The Adelphi not given to negotiation and as such, we instantly made ready for battle as we went into formation. From behind Asifer came a torrent of Hell’s soldiers, the elite…and battle was joined. Muriel, unthinkingly went straight for Asifer even while I considered the measure of his power, and was cut down with a speed and violence which I can hither to not fathom. His beheaded body was flung in my direction, a sign of contempt.

Our hands were full with the slaying of Hell’s elite warriors, while Asifer and father Jardia flew ostensibly in the direction of the Throne-room. I thought to myself “surely He will strike them down himself for their insolence”. My attention was again drawn to my adversaries, for more soldiers kept joining the battle on both sides, for Alchemel the crier had sounded his gold trumpet. This was War.

The memory of that battle brings dread upon me for it turned out more furious than the battle after Lucifer’s fall. Finally, when we had slain enough of the enemy to give ourselves chance to head towards the Throne-room, we did so in urgency. Wonderment was our lot.

The Throne Room was covered in darkness. This had never been so since I became a transient being. The Almighty was not upon his throne; Asifer was, while Jardia stood beside him with a defiant smile.

For the first time since my creation, I knew fear. The unfathomable had occurred: He was not on his throne and I did not feel His presence. I shouted orders to the valiant Orieni to take half the forces and defend the entrance while I and the rest of the Adelphi elite stayed to do battle with Asifer and his father.

We proceeded, swords aflame, to form a semi-circle and gradually approach the throne, the usurper, Asifer, our target. He remained seated, his father by his side, until we had him at the centre of our advance and then he rose with a great authority and engaged us. His ease of movement and sheer strength was astounding. The battle was most furious. The child was surely a greater adversary than Lucifer had ever been and if we were any fewer in number or less practised in our formation; he would surely have slain us all. Thinking back now, I realized it was not his intention to bring us to our end, for it was within his power. After all, he had dethroned…Him

The speed and power with which he fought was unlike any other in Celestia and more intense than I had seen Jardia wield against Lucifer. It was the manner in which I imagined the Great one himself would engage an enemy. After what seemed to be an age of struggling to hold our ground and keep our lives, defending ourselves from the onslaught, Jardia moved for the first time since the engagement, raising his hand and shouting


Asifer paused mid-swing, launched into the air in a flurry and returned to the throne. I simmered within myself, wishing that He would return and put this insolent demon-spawn in his place. I knew I could not do it on my own and deep within me I feared He was truly gone, fallen at the hands of this thing.


And then Jardia spoke the words that established the peace as it is now “You know all is lost, Michael, you know as I know that my vengeance is complete”. Muriel, who slew my queen, has been seen to and He has been destroyed. Now, I have all of creation in my authority but I do not want it. I shall yield to you Michael. Take this throne and keep your Celestia. I no longer call it home. I shall return home to Sheoul with my son and reign there. Do not interfere in our matters, we administer as we see fit. The old order shall continue as best it can, for I see no reasonable alternative. The damned shall continue to be punished, as the just are rewarded. We shall continue eternity as it was set in motion to be”

My mind circled around something he said

”…He has been destroyed.” How was that even possible? He was the Beginning and the End

As the words took leave of Jardia’s mouth, I ruminated on them and knew in that instant that he spoke the truth and his words seemed to be the only path of reason in this inextricably convoluted maze of madness that we had found ourselves. I looked at the child, Asifer, still seated on HIS throne as I spoke the words.

“Let us make truce…”

And that is how I came to sit uneasily on this throne, overseeing the affairs of Celestia while Jardia sits comfortably on a throne of his own, overseeing the underworld with his son by his side, as I once stood beside the Lord. Every moment of time available to me is spent trying to understand the sequence of events that led to this state of affairs and often, I think back to the words Jardia first uttered when He was summoned to give account of himself after his tryst with the demon-whore.

“It must have been a divine conspiracy”



The image of Michael upon the throne faded as He gestured with his hand. Satisfaction settled upon his features. A new order shall begin here, in this darkness that is Oblivion. Chaos shall reign once again, and from it, order shall manifest. But first, they must draw conclusions about this latest adventure, they must draw conclusion, even for the seventh time.

“A good show you put up during your Fall, Lucifer. If I didn’t know better, I would have believed you really wanted to oust me from that Heaven”.

“Ah, well you did not exactly create idiots. My strength of purpose could not risk being doubted by the Adelphi. It was a close one there at the end too. Jardia wouldn’t cease talk of a divine conspiracy. Good thing that Michael is completely loyal”

“Yes,” said the first “it would have been quite awkward, after six Universes, to have a creation suddenly divine the Truth”

“So what is next?”

“Well. We still have all eternity brother. We ARE eternity.”

“Perhaps we could have a universe where I actually win? Being a rebel is tiring you know, having to give all those rebellious speeches in that weird language”, he sighed, “so any exciting new variable this time around?”

“Oh yes, I’ve been wanting to see how making the angels reproduce with the humans would play out. It will be essentially the same universe as before, but the humans will become more “in the picture”. I predict this shall be exciting to observe”

“ah, once more order shall be made manifest from the Chaos that is at the beginning of all things”, he stared at his brother, ”Let us get to it”


…And God said, Let there be light.




The above story was written by our neighbourhood genius @AlchemistXIII and I. It is his brainchild. It is inspired by one of our favourite  graphic Novels “Preacher”. Share your thoughts if you will.

Yaay. My first collabo on my blog ._.



67 comments on “The Game

  1. thatifygirl says:

    Wait. OK, chill.
    So…. God and Lucifer are brothers??!?! Like a Zeus and Hades kinda thing?
    And so, they’re making new universes and sorta tweaking the outcomes? You know.. having fun?
    I’m not sure.. but for some weird reason, this story confounds me. Help, please.

  2. Franchise says:

    Oh my days!! Crazy stuff… Nice! But alarming too

  3. weird_oo says:

    Impressed. Very impressed. Haven’t read the Preacher but i’d endeavour to now. Somehow, i was wishing He would appear and strike down Asif on the Throne so i could scream “BAD GUY!!!!!” but the ending is terribly intruiging! Tres bien!

  4. mahnyuell says:

    Oh, oh wow, okay…

  5. thatifygirl says:

    Ballsy. Very ballsy.
    The very idea is so unconventional and different.
    Delivery, as usual, is top notch.
    But the whole idea of this story. That, is what I’m in love with. I don’t agree o!! But…
    *sigh* Omo, I gats pray for forgiveness for liking this thing, mehn!

  6. NateOblivion says:

    Oh good God. Speechless.

  7. bolouere says:

    I don’t feel like I should say anything.yup,I won’t.

  8. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Prayer to St Micheal the Archangel. .
    St Micheal whose protection is so strong so great so prompt before the throne of God
    Protect us from the snares of the devil. . .Amen!

    And Nepa just took our light. .Great

  9. dhamyhan says:

    What was that you did at the end?,were you implyiing that the rebellion of Lucifer and his consequent casting from heaven was a playful agreement between lucifer and the Most High?……smh,that is just disturbing mhen……..

  10. mahnyuell says:

    Somehow, I don’t think their having fun, sounds to me like they’re looking for something or tryna acheive something….that being said I really enjoyed this, was uncomfortable at first for obvious reasons but I REALLY enjoyed this, so Mikey will be rewarded for his loyalty and I’d love to be there to see Jardia and his devil spawn punished for their insolence………oh and Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

    • niyoola says:

      Jardia and his kid can’t be punished since it was the whole thing with the demon-whore was by “divine orchestration”.

      That’s why God n Lucifer were relieved Michael was ‘completely loyal’ and that a ‘creation didn’t divine the truth.’

  11. kovieparker says:

    I love this. Obviously, an over-active imagination has been put to good use. I like d style. Would make for an epic novel.
    Why do I get d feeling that is b4 d creation “… And God said let there be light” ? Are we the 7th universe?
    Oh and this is my 1st time on this blog. I have a lot of catching up to do. Happy birthday @ekwem

  12. ibetapassmynebo says:

    I think I remember the prayer now
    St Micheal the archangel
    Defend us in the day of battle
    Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil
    May God rebuke you; we humbly pray
    And by the power of God
    Cast into hell
    Satan and all other evil spirit
    Who prowl through the world
    Seeking the ruins of souls

    There is still no light btw

  13. niyoola says:

    So basically “Jardia, Michael etc are pencils in the hand of our creator”. :p 🙂 😀
    According to the writers (I shall not blaspheme) God and Lucifer are besties/brothers/eternal personal persons?!?!?!?!? I’m getting you. 😐
    So, then next episode will be about giants that came about when angels sexed daughters of eve……… Can’t wait.

    This was a very good read, very impressive. I was scared at some point for God, truly scared! Phew.
    Didn’t think you’d write something better than Mosadiel, but you out did yourself.
    Pray for more inspiration for y’all because you need definitely need it to top this!

  14. Tomboxe says:

    No comment. Well actually there’s plenty comment… I missed my stop reading this… Now if I say this dude is a better writer than me he’ll say we write different things… Abeg… Truth is truth jare… Bad guy…

  15. iamsamsie says:

    This is good..thumbs up man..

  16. dhamyhan says:

    and errm ekwe…ur theme is gay

  17. highlandblue says:

    Sighs. This is still a human story. Nothing near the divine. But as far as human stories go, this is a nice stretch of the imagination. (y)

    • Favorite comment on here.
      Yes. It is a very human story. What do I and Ekwe know of divine thought? Love, Loyalty, Fear, Revenge… All very human.

      This is simply a very human mythological fantasy based on the supernatural.

      But then again, isn’t every mythology and religious belief somewhat grounded in very familiar human emotions?

  18. sektor says:

    Nice storyline *washes hands*

  19. Oh. WOW

    I love this story…..esp the twist at the end!

  20. osizurunkle says:

    I take it this is fiction, but your conclusion actually makes more sense than people would like to admit. Goodstuff

    You should read ‘SUM: Forty tales of the afterlives’ by David Eagleman. Cool book (if you send your email I can send it to you)

  21. nugwa says:

    See… I’m not even lying! I’ve thought this before… God and Devil… brothers.. who just enjoy playing with us… I swear this felt like wole and ekwem wrote from my head… on point as always…

  22. kponja says:

    This is a bigger conspiracy theory than The Da Vinci code, with less fact but a but load of imagination.

    I love it, the delivery, the thought of it, the audacity. Una 2 be bawses!

    *returns remaining ariel to soap dish* 😀

  23. Mz_Shadee says:

    If I say I absolutely loved this will I still go to heaven?! *sigh* this is brilliant! Another story I read without blinking for even a second. I had d scenery in my head d entire time. I’m sure I’ll spend d whole of today thinking about angels and wars and stuff.
    Well done guys (y)

  24. No, Ekwe. I will not fill this space with things everyone has already said. Instead, a story 🙂

    I went to relax my hair yesterday, and they used extra strength relaxer. My scalp was on fire! Now, my head hurts and I can’t even enjoy it 😦

  25. PreyingMantis says:

    As absurd as this story seems, the themes aren’t lost: love, loyalty, conflict, chaos etc.

    5th pgh: Why would Jardia think it was a divine ‘conspiracy’ if he was oblivious to the plan of the creator and Lucifer?

    11th and 16th pghs: Typo errors.

    18th pgh: “…and his face…his face was like…like…His face”. How is it possible that Asifer has His face if an angel copulated with a demon-whore?

    20th pgh: “..for Alchemel the crier had sounded his gold trumpet”. Very modest of you, AlchemistXIII.

    18th pgh from the bottom: “..The damned shall continue to be punished, as the just are rewarded”. I find this contradictory and illogical. So Sheoul is another ‘heaven’ representing justice and truth? Bearing in mind that Sheoul is the abode for demons?

    9th pgh from the bottom: “..“A good show you put up during your Fall, Lucifer. If I didn’t know better, I would have believed you really wanted to oust me from that Heaven”. Lucifer’s rebellion. What has this got to do with this particular story? Is this a flashback to another universe?

    7th & 10th pgh from the bottom: If the scenario above is the 7th time, do the writers imply that for the previous 6 times, 6 universes have been created and in each universe there’s always a new Michael, Aldephi, etc, with a new variable added to the mix. If yes, then the 7th paragraph from the bottom is irrelevant because with this sham created by Him and Lucifer, creation cannot divine the truth since each universe is mutually exclusive of the other.

    I see this as a prequel to the Emancipation story or Noah’s time. This isn’t a bad story, it’s obvious the writers tried not to be predictable by allowing the bad guys win and introducing some diplomatic talk at the end.

    • sektor says:

      ~~~\( .__.)/~~~

    • ThinkTank! says:

      LOL, interesting observations….

      5th pgh – because he did not understand how he so suddenly fell for the demon without purpose or words. He just felt that there was some greater power at work…

      18th pgh – How? I dont know but that was the image we had in mind for the story. besides, which of us could fathom the result of a demon and angel copulating? this is all fantasy. The words refering to the similarity of Asifers face to HIS face just refers to the intensity of the image.

      20th pgh – LOL! Ekwe wrote that part

      18th pgh from the bottom: “..The damned shall continue to be punished, as the just are rewarded”. Its not contradictory, its just the ways things are. Heaven for the just, sheoul for the damned. Jardia was once an angel so he understands both sides

      9th pgh from the bottom: Lucifer’s rebellion is what created sheoul in the first place. its the beginning of that universe – the one in this story after the angels were created the show of rebellion is put on to create sheoul and establish some kind of order.

      7th & 10th pgh from the bottom: No. Each time, there is a new set of angels and things play out generally the same but not exactly. As to how a creation may have divined the true nature of things…I dont know but it worries Michael enough to keep thinking about it.

      I actually had no time frame or setting in mind when I wrote this and asked ekwe to help. I simply envisaged a case where the two supremes were like venture capitalists – creating worlds, setting them up and then once they were running steadily, used an elaborate means to ‘cash out’.

      I dont know if Ekwe had any timeframe in mind?

  26. t3niola says:

    Wow. This was an amazing read. Loved the twist at the end…. Just beautiful. I’m waiting patiently for episode two.

  27. I’m going to bookmark this then come back to read it cus….. Where was I when God ( why does this feel silly) was sharing ‘Brain’

  28. great concept derived from ‘preacher’. makes me think of Milton’s ‘paradise lost’…… great work guys.

  29. @Moonraker_00 says:

    Very heavy influence from the Alchemist on this one, especially with the supernatural terms. Scandinavian Rock has done things with Wole’s head. And then we have the Frank Peretti-schooled Ekwem. Perfect combo for telling this type of story. Very nicely told. Thanks for the head trip guys. Excuse me while I go and refresh my memory with a bible.

  30. @Qurr says:


    As I neared the jump, I was daring you guys to NOT provide a twist to explain away the mess.

    Deus Ex Machina! I knew you had to provide a god in the machine. Good fantasy, though to be theologically absolute I deny the duality offered here in God’s existence (believing God as greater than all concepts and duality is a concept). I think Lucifer likely has a duality in the light and dark though I only speculate.

    Great story! Can’t wait to work with you guys soon 🙂

  31. awizii says:

    It’s obvious you guys read books. I mean this was so well written. Gosh.I could tell Wole’s bit from Ekwe’s too. Damn….so damn good.

  32. Slim says:

    Argh!!! I love this story!!!!

    Although methinks there should be a disclaimer somewhere….hence someone reads it and becomes befuddled as to what the truth really is (Yes, some fellows out there can be very funny)

    Part 2! Now!!

  33. 0latoxic says:

    Applause for imagination and concept. Thumbs up for the twists too. Beautifully told. Both your styles came through clearly too, neither overshadowed by the other.

    Good one

  34. Mohnah says:

    Awesome! Truly awesome! That’s all I can say.

  35. AfroSays says:

    My comment is not necessary today but I should acknowledge good work.
    Ekwe when would you leave this world of blazing swords and inflexible justice?
    Come, let’s fuck around on the Green Nation project if you’d like.

    Alchemist. Two thumbs up.

  36. edgothboy says:

    Maybe a little late but I love this, and the twists in the end, highly logical, speaks to the singular thread in all religions of an eternal Ying/yang dual entity responsible for all. And the language is tres unique. Bien!

  37. Manqind says:

    Sorry, I was searching for a really stupid story, one that wouldn’t end well and showed little or no creativity and imagination. I seem to be in the wrong place. Bye.

  38. TheManya says:

    ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! This is Evil!!! Beautiful!!! The Plot twist…….Brilliant!!

  39. coolprincee says:

    nothing left to say
    all d 180 I.Q guys hav said it all already
    just speechless & dumbfounded

  40. Qochem says:

    Madt. Simply Genius

  41. @MzLoulette says:

    Oh. My. Fucking. Goodness.
    Just wanted to put that there before my opinion is polluted by the other commenters’. Genius. Pure genius.
    And a little blasphemous, too, but please. It’s not important.

  42. @MzLoulette says:

    Just HOW do you come up with stuff like this though??
    So fucking brilliant, I can’t stop cussing! Lol..
    Perfect finish. ‘Let there be light.’ *ding, round 7* I can imagine them chuckling to themselves as we scurry around like hamsters in a wheel, going nowhere and blissfully oblivious to that fact. *sigh* wow.
    All the people who think they’ll go to hell for liking this, no fear. THIS is why God gave us minds abeg.
    I keep shaking my head and thinking ‘hot damn!’ Lol.. *going to re-read*

  43. Jusr re-read it…I like how ur mind works…u both are are gifted …D collabo is making too much brains…

  44. […] I co-wrote it with @Ekwem who is also a fan of the graphic novel. It was originally posted on his blog earlier this year. Some would say it is blasphemous. I beg to differ. It is fiction and should be […]

  45. […] I co-wrote it then with @Ekwem who is also a fan of the graphic novel. It was originally posted on his excellent blog about three years ago. Some would say it is blasphemous. I beg to differ. But then again, nothing […]

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