Original Sin

hello. ekwe martin here. No retarded angel stories today, just my art.
it is now twelve months to the day since I did this sort of design last, so, I am very proud of this. please share ya thoughts. to see more of my work, do check http://eziaha.deviantart.com/gallery

we thank God.

Model by http://Mjranum.deviantart.com
snake by  http://sadestock.deviantart.com
leaves by  http://chop-stock.deviantart.com
apple by http://dazzle-textures.deviantart.com
Bulb by  http://vervactum-d45ysr8.deviantart.com
i cant remember where i got the tree branch from.

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7 comments on “Original Sin

  1. edgothboy says:

    Permit me to fan myself! Hawtness!!!!

  2. phantompages says:

    can i just say that i’m a fan of her nipples? 😀

  3. Misunderstoodsmind says:

    lol.shes got funny tits…..nyc tho…

  4. This is nice,but scary sha…stl religious(u obviously cnt resist it)…d design,concept&message is on point. I like.
    P.s-stl tryn to decipher…

  5. lilth says:

    Apart from the awkward shape of her right arm,everything else is… perfection. Keep it up. 🙂

  6. afrosays says:

    So Ekwe is now a porna artist abi?
    And why is Eva wearing payint? Ehn?

    Art. Thanks!

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