‘…the position is yours’, the Human Resource Manager said with a smile.

Oriema’s eyes opened wide in seeming unbelief as her lips parted in an ear-to-ear smile. She only just stopped herself from leaping from her chair in exhilaration.

‘Really? Wow, thank you sir’, she said as coolly as she could and took the proffered Letter Of Employment. Be cool now, you can scream and dance at home.

“You are expected to resume next week Monday…”, the man continued, but she had already zoned out. She was thinking of her first salary and the expenses it would go to cover. Maybe now they could just get a half-bag of rice instead of tolerating the poisonous stares the woman at the end of the street meted when they asked for some on credit. What a relief! A job after three years of countless applications and futile interview sessions. She couldn’t wait to rush back to their shabby apartment and tell mama the great news. Her only surviving daughter was going to be an accountant in a prestigious firm. Apparently, hard work did pay off. She made an effort to focus on the middle-aged HRM.

‘…will be given an Advance on Monday to pay for…sundries you may have to acquire in preparation to settling in with the new environment’. This just kept getting better. She noticed uncomfortably that he glanced quickly at her worn skirt-suit as he said sundries. She didn’t blame him; the attire had seen better days.

‘…that will be all for the moment. Make sure you are here first thing on Monday morning so we can complete all arrangements. Congratulations and welcome’ he said the last word with an air of finality. Oriema stood up to leave the well appointed office, thanking him at the same time. She floated past the cold offices and cubicles, eagerly looking forward to Monday when she would become part of the system.

Back on the open road, but with a certain spring to her steps now, Oriema headed for the nearest bus-stop. It was a good thing the firm was just a major bus-stop away from the apartment she and her mother shared. She smiled happily and seemed to revel in the sunlight. Thankfully, it was still morning, so the heat had not set in.

A few metres from the half-crowded bus-stop, she espied Oluchi, her friend, who was currently on leave because her ailing mother had passed on the week before. She seemed to be waiting for a bus. She was one of the few friends who still spoke to her since they left the university. The others considered themselves too lofty to associate with her. Oluchi had a good job in another accounting firm-though less prestigious than the one that had just given her a job, she thought mischievously- and had helped her more than a few times in dealing with financial obligations that her mother’s small kiosk could not handle. Oluchi was a true friend.

‘Olubaby!’ she called out fondly. Oluchi turned slightly and smiled weakly on recognizing her.

The poor thing, Oriema thought, see how worn-out the grieving has made her.

She was still quite a few metres from Oluchi before she began.

‘Oluchi, you won’t believe…’ she paused in midsentence as she saw the expression on Oluchi’s face change. Oluchi’s lips seemed to form an ‘O’ while her eyes widened. Her right hand shot out, pointing at Oriema…no, not her…past her. She began to turn, only now hearing the cries of warning from somewhere behind her and the screech of malfunctioning brakes. Her brain registered some of the force as the bus rammed into her, breaking her bones and flinging her into the gutter as her life dissolved into darkness.


I wrote this because I was walking on the wrong side of a busy road yesterday and fancied a BRT would kill me froM behind 🙂

If you haven’t, please check out my previous post Cherubim.Its my new favorite of my stories.


56 comments on “Blink

  1. terdoh says:


  2. ibetapassmynebo says:


  3. awizii says:

    Goodness me!!

  4. Purkin says:

    Bet Y

  5. awizii says:

    Okay Ekwe I’ll save you. This is such a very vivid story…Shey you know I’m eating and I’m trying not to imagine the impact of that bus hitting Oriema..Ah..but good stuff.

  6. 0latoxic says:

    My mind is in a really dark place right now and so, as soon as I started, this is the end I saw. Nothing gave it away, nothing led me here. It’s just that I think both our minds are sort of on the same wave length at the mo. Heck, I even saw it being a car accident of some sort…

    Great piece of work. (y)

  7. Whish kain tori be dis wan nah?! 😦

  8. iamsamsie says:

    Why evils?this is not life!!
    Pls get some life hugs y’all
    Away with the gloom
    More Jesus more life.

  9. Why did you kill her? I knew something bad would happen. U’re too dark to write anything else. So I’d really like to see something happy and upbeat from you.

    Well written, as always. And, yes, I noticed the dialogue. 🙂

  10. Shomade says:


  11. LH was here and no rickety bus ran him over


  12. @basooh says:

    lwkmd so she died hehe dat 1 sef dey * nice tori

  13. I knew someone was going to die. :D. Hehehehehehehe

  14. phantompages says:

    Tragedy! My favourite! 😀

  15. Newton Samson says:

    A nice job, why am I not surprised you are fantasizing about death? You have always had a loose screw in that head of yours and that’s why you are you.

  16. isetfiretotherain says:

    Pretty good story, great climax but I’m afraid the build up was a tad weak, plus the ending was too abrupt.

    A pity at the girl who died, aand how come her friend didn’t scream or something?

  17. thatifygirl says:

    Loved it!!! Refreshingly tragic!!!

  18. peju says:

    Aah ekwe you are wicked, you did not even let her collect her first salary…well such is life…nice write-up

  19. Tinuola says:

    Ur so dark……….. I wish i could like it
    But it felt like a punch newspaper prose. If
    U want to impress ur going to have to go realli
    Sick and twisted. I think i liked the lucifer
    Piece better! Why ? My imagination was working
    But this one…….. Na.

  20. tolu oke says:

    ok…………………. that ended abruptly, the build-up to the end was not full enough. but the story was cool.

  21. tolu oke says:

    Okay…………….. That was cool, though the end was abrupt, sudden. I liked the story

  22. KPonja says:

    so this is what your writing looks like without BIG BIG grammer abi? Isokay, you can continue with your previous style because I loved Cherubim much more.

    Plus I kinda expected that something tragic’ll happen, you’re too EVILS like that 😀

  23. BoukkieO says:

    lovely….the writing i mean; not the dying part.

  24. @Qurr says:

    WOW! Nicely tragic.

    I thought you said you can’t write short stories? Lol. This is a short story naa…

    Thumbs up bro…

    • Ekwe says:

      This short story was inspired by an accident I thought I nearly had.I didnt know it would get this popular.almost didnt tag anyone. But then,there are you lot who inspire me.who knows,maybe one day awizi will make me write my first poem.
      Thanks for a reading!!

  25. faith says:

    Nawao! I totali 4got hw twisted u can get. Thanx 4 d reminder. Buh rili y d sudden finish(al in d name of short tori)? As 4 y’aL d@ kip sayn *refreshingly tragic*, y’aL nid help…& FAST.

  26. MsBukonla says:

    I’m a first time reader (cue to ring the bells) and I love this. Short, straight to the point, unexpected end (for me sha). Nice one!

  27. RetaRd21 says:

    Dude u ended it abruptly…..oooh what a buzz kill! plus it killing her mum wud have been better (and less wicked) or her waking up late on monday(hilarious)! Good one…lol

  28. afrosays says:

    Hurts when I know what would happen before it does.
    I knew Ekwe! And usually I never know. Not with you.
    Sad! 😦

    Still liking your writing style though, you’re taking a break from our world of fantasy enigmas are you?

    • Ekwe says:

      It stemmed from a true experience.had to put it down.tank yo! Am not taking a break …am waiting for inspiration…and when it comes I promise it will make up for the predictability of this post. Shalom!

  29. leonmacedon says:

    First visit here. Like wat I’m reading… Masterfully paced & twisted..

  30. dhamilola says:

    Its so twisted ñ sad.
    First time here ñ am loving it. .

  31. nice one ekwe :—)

    even tho I knew she would die. very nollywood-ish.

  32. Ekwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **lips sealed**

  33. Adara Titlope says:

    the fact that it is tragic is sooooo you… the style reminds me of Chiamanda’s writing. thats so unfair didn’t you think of her mother?

  34. Mz_Shadee says:

    Ohhhhh!!!! what the flipping hell!!! Ahn ahn na. I hate tragic ending jooo.( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) can’t they pack d bones and gum them together somehow? I mean miracles still happen…I believe…I’m a shaide of Jah!

  35. phantompages says:

    commented before and i’m dropping again just because..bite ma cur 😛

  36. @nimrodking says:

    Cruel….the good tin though is dat we didnt see dat coming.

  37. Diane says:

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    It can go viral if you give it initial boost, i know very useful tool
    that can help you, simply search in google: svetsern traffic

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