Appeal to Reason

I am a BB die-Hard.

The General is not eloquent and I must confess I was disappointed when I heard him speak at the NN24 debate as he kept goin off point. It is true that we (his supporters) excuse his lack of eloquence in sometimes unconvincing ways, but do you really expect us to change our political alliance because of a debate? you want us to abandon the loyalty that we have built up over the years because the man did not speak well for an hour?

Remember, To whom much is given, much is expected. compare the general to GEj who is sposed to have a PHD in zoology or something but who cant make convincing arguments and who rattles on about impossible PDP strategies in the next four years.

but you see, I am not voting for Buhari because he will solve all of Nigeria’s problems (i dont believe anyone can do so much in four years), i am voting for him because of his antecedents. he has shown an anti-corruption fervor that cannot be ignored if we are truly interested in moving this country forward.

what we need in this Nigeria is a brand new culture of disclipine and accountability, not good road, not electricity because without discipline being practiced, even the foreign firms clamouring to buy PHCN will ruin it witout fear of repercussion. we need an iron fist that will lift us out of the quagmire of skin-deep corruption and set us on the path to the promised land.

There is no accusation that can be leveled against the BB team that has not been acted out by PDP.
we have had over 600 political assassinations in this country in twelve years, spent $16b on non existent electricity, spend our collective patrimony as salaries for the Abuja legislators, given our leaders “Hardship allowance”, depleted our foreign reserve from $46b to $4b in six months, have nothing to show for all our oil profits despite high oil prices, are the 6th largest Oil producing country but also the largest refined petroleum Importer in Africa,have a budget that will be serviced by borrowing from the world bank and thereby plunging us into more debt, largest generating set importers in the world, most sensational example of a corrupt judiciary, existence of high fuel prices(a Venezuelan fills the tank of an average car for the equivalent of #400 while we do that with #5000! and so many shameful things.

Our present leader GEJ during the NTA debate actually had the temerity to advocate community refineries! as though he wanted the opportunity to set nigeria ablaze with one matchstick. Need I remind you that all the refineries in existence were built by Buhari? This is a man who did not collect salary as Peteoleum Trust Fund Chairman because he was already drawing a pension as a former head of state.He is also the only former head of state who doesn’t own a fuel station,a hilltop mansion or a foreign account.

My people, it is essential that we are reasonable in our prejudices and objective in our decisions. I see no reason to cast my vote for GEJ because a vote for GEJ is a vote for OBJ, IBB, ATIKU and others of the PDP cabal that have made Nigerian leadership a do or die affair. please vote wisely

Vote CPC
Vote Buhari/Bakare for Change

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11 comments on “Appeal to Reason

  1. shettoo says:

    Appealing Ȋ̝̊̅† is.

  2. Tonianni says:

    Rubbish. If you are using past records to judge others, you better look at Buhari’s also. Anti-corruption? I laugh, who is going to proclaim that they are pro-corruption, let them get into office first.
    This reasoning is really fault, when you are well informed, do another post.

  3. ebuoe says:

    well said .. but unfortunately i couldn’t register n even worse i don’t see most nigerians voting for bb cos most believe that by some stroke of good fortune nigeria will be gud in 4 yrs …

  4. Jill says:

    @Tonianni Please grow up. You can express a different opinion without ridiculing someone elses. I swear to God it is possible. Try it sometime. Cheers 🙂

  5. rotinwa ayodeji says:

    For the greater good of Nigerians, a lot of people need to see this. Sadly not many may concur or agree. Like d way u delivered facts with cold precision. There may be hope for you as a columnist yet

  6. Interesting article. I support Buhari for the same reasons you have stated in your article. Keep it up.

  7. Tonianni says:

    @Jill It is also possible not to fall into the hypocritical trap, try again.

  8. tomboxe says:

    I’m not a die-hard Buhari groupie yet, but he definitely has some things going for him… The PDP’s lack of respect for the country they’ve stolen, Ribadu’s effervescence (which is both the best and the worst of him), Shekarau’s lack of status outside the North, and the virtual non-existence of anyone else.
    I only hope you haven’t raised your expectations too high – Nigeria’s is a long way away from any real change…

  9. tomboxe says:

    @Tonianni You’ve shown your disdain of Martin’s opinions without stating any of your own. That doesn’t inspire any confidence – in fact it just makes you look like a negative person.

  10. Tonianni says:

    @Tomboxe It’s either you have no idea what ‘opinion’ means, and you don’t know how to read. I’m very sure I made my opinion clear, and I will repost (costs nothing)

    ”…If you are using past records to judge others, you better look at Buhari’s also. Anti-corruption? I laugh, who is going to proclaim that they are pro-corruption, let them get into office first…”

  11. dada femi says:

    if u’re basin ur candidature on past antecednts,den u shld also consider ribadu’s flawless tenure being at d realm of EFCC.
    He chased al dos political pot-bellis allova d world includin d toughst nd most corrupt cop eva lived in person of tafa balogun.
    Bt imagin buhari has bin contestin 4 d topmst post in dis country since God knws wen…nd u said he ws collctin pension wen he ws suppose 2 b collctin salary.
    Ma question is wher as he gottn al d money is usin 2 campaign sins 1999?
    Wel ma prayr for dis great country of ours is 2 av a leader wo ll put our interst foremst b4 anytin.So long
    God Bless Nigeria!!!!

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